Intelligent and cost-effective solutions

We are not limited by fixed formats and measurements. Whatever your requirements, we’ll design your packaging to suit your production equipment and budget.

Twinbox – transportemballage og indfarvet salgskarton i ét

Twinbox – transport packaging and coloured display carton in one

Den usædvanlig lave bakkekant – kun 30 mm – lader produkterne komme til deres ret på hylden

The unusually low tray edge – just 30 mm – displays the products to their full on the shelf

Udvendig limklap skåner emballagens indhold mod rifter og brud

An exterior glue flap protects the box contents from damage


Packaging with many smart details produced in a single workflow


Photo-representation of exceptionally high quality


Note: Full-surface print across folds and grooves


Recycling-friendly silicone coating


First-rate printing



Octabins are some of the most heavy-duty forms of cardboard packaging on the market. Perfect for transporting everything from chemicals to fruit.

Facts about octabin packaging

  • Available with six or eight sides

  • Consists of a sleeve, a base and a cover

  • Can be produced in 16 different base measurements

  • Supplied in the desired quality


Cardboard containers

Cardboard containers are ideal for transporting large quantities.

You choose the format and quality:

  • Choose between brown or white corrugated cardboard

  • With or without print

  • With or without flap

  • Compatible with full or half euro pallets

  • Also available in customised dimensions


Edge protectors for vulnerable points

Edges and corners are the vulnerable points of packaging. To secure your goods as well as possible, you can strengthen the packaging with edge protectors. Bentsen stocks edge protectors in all sizes.


Pal-let – a cardboard pallet

The weight of the Pal-let series ranges from 1.5 to 7.8 kg. By comparison, an ordinary EUR pallet weighs 24 kg, so there are large savings to be made in weight during transport. At the same time, a Pal-let weighing 1.5 kg can carry loads of up to 800 kg. Pal-let is heat-treated and resistant to moisture and pests. Pal-let can be produced in the exactly the dimensions you need.


Triple corrugated cardboard

Light, flexible and strong – a perfect alternative to heavy and expensive wooden packaging. Cardboard compensates for any bumps in transit, so your consignment arrives safely.

This is why, for example, triple corrugated cardboard is the preferred material for UN-approved packaging.


UN-approved packaging for dangerous goods

Cardboard is at least as suitable for high-risk goods as aluminium or wood. Our partners have their own certified laboratories. This minimises both your price and your delivery time. Contact us to hear more.


Production in Germany, Poland and Denmark

We produce our pallet series Pal-let in Ølgod, Denmark. All other packaging is produced by carefully selected suppliers in Europe. We’ve collaborated with several of our suppliers for more than 20 years, because they meet our high demands for quality and our love of details and the versatility of cardboard.