At Bentsen, we’re specialists in custom-made packaging solutions

We’ve supplied cardboard packaging to Danish companies for more than 25 years, completing countless tasks for the food and ingredients industries, among others. When you see a specially designed display carton on a supermarket shelf, for example, it is likely, we may well have had a hand in making it.

With us, all forms and formats are flexible. Everything is possible. So if you need custom-designed packaging in large quantities, contact us!

We’re an agile organisation with direct access to some of Europe’s best and biggest packaging producers. This means we can develop and customise an order to meet the needs of your business. We handle all contact to the various suppliers, and you’ll find that we’re quick to translate ideas into action. We take pride in sticking to agreements and deadlines. Complaints and returns are rare.


Advice and quality are more than keywords. They are promises

We advise on design, logistics optimisation, storage and packaging flow. For example, food packaging doesn’t just have to protect the product during transport and present it in an inviting way in the shop. Its design must also be thought through when it comes to storage and disposal or recycling. Therefore we always map out the product’s whole value chain before we start the development process.

To ensure the best solution at the best price, we regularly collaborate with a number of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers. It’s all about finding the perfect solution for your product and your production line. Try us!